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Vision Board Alchemy - Realising Your Personal Life Vision


Who are you and where are you going?

Designed to facilitate the dialogue between your mind and body this workshop will take you on a journey in to your authentic self and help you (re)connect to your personal life vision.


Discover how your body & mind are intimately connected and how this affects virtually every choice and decision that we make in life.

Explore where that 'gut feel' is coming from and what is it really telling you. Connect to that feeling of 'your heart just not being in it' and what that means for you. Understand why you just can't seem to 'wrap your head around that situation' and learn to make sense of it.

Combining ancient wisdom's and spiritual practices with scientific research and practical tools this workshop is designed to provide you with a foundation of clarity and confidence towards the realisation of your personal life vision.


  • Awareness and understanding of the many ways in which your body and mind are in communication with each other and you

  • Deeper understanding of, and connection with, your authentic self

  • (Re) Connection to your life vision / goals

  • Ability to harness and focus your energy into clear intentions and goals congruent with achieving your vision

  • Recognise the synchronicity and serendipity in your life

  • Create a visual tool to guide your vision

"Helping children spread their wings"








The Butterfly Effect Workshop


Art Therapy and Creative Expression

“ Be who you are, say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” Dr. Seuss


The Butterfly effect is a program that uses creativity as the catalyst for self-expression and healing. Using mindfulness techniques such as breathing and meditation exercises for children we facilitate a gentle process of self exploration and self expression.


We provide a safe environment where children can express their inner child through movement, play and all forms of artistic expression.

Art Therapy as opposed to a regular art class, requires NO artistic skill as the focus is on the creative process rather than the end product.









  • Facilitate the expression of feelings in a creative and safe manner

  • Playful introduction to mindfulness and meditation

  • Facilitate the exploration of dreams and feelings

  • Develop identity through self directed activity

  • Increase self esteem and confidence

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Encourage interaction and communication with peers and family

  • Be a fun and enjoyable way for children to play and express themselves freely

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Vision Board Alchemy Workshops 


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TBC - watch this space


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Who are you and where are you going?

Come join us at our next Vision Board Alchemy workshop designed to facilitate the dialogue between your mind and body this workshop will take you on a journey in to your authentic self and help you (re)connect to your personal life vision.


Over two days discover how your body & mind are intimately connected and how this affects virtually every choice and decision that we make in life.​

A brief overview of the two days:

Day 1 - (Saturday)


  • Explore and gain insight in the way in which your body and mind interact with each other when you are making your choices in life

  • Demonstration of how the body and mind interact through a guided exercise

  • Reflect on and recognise your own patterns and learned behaviours that on a conscious and an unconscious level influence the choices you make

Day 2 - (Sunday)


  • Open the body/mind connection through a sound bath meditation that taps into your deep creative nature

  • Discover the mindful manifesting power of mandalas through a highly effective mindfulness activity that involves setting intention, creating an affirmation and visualising it's fruition as you learn to draw your very own mandala

  • Manifest the alchemy of your body and mind in images and words to (re) connect to your vision and purpose by creating your own vision board

  • Learn how to continuously harness and focus your intentions and energy

  • Provide practical tips and tools to access your own inherent wisdoms and truths to support a more consistent and congruent decision making process


- Lunch both days

- Refreshments and snacks both days

- Vision Boards and materials provided

- Mandala Workshop materials provided

To register for this workshop or for any questions please contact us on info@invisionu.com.au or call:


Paz: 0414 378 033

Tom: 0405 429 823


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