"I had the great pleasure to do take part in a Vision Board Alchemy two day workshop with Paz and Tom - simply Amazing. Everything sort of clicked together with the way Tom and Paz explained how we’ve lost touch with being able to listen to our gut and heart. Better than that, they provided us with the tools to connect back to our true selves, giving us an inspiring way to be able to make great choices to match our own inner truth and purpose. The workshop was fun, meditative, though provoking, inspiring, and completely transformation. Thanks guys."

- Jamie Strathairn
Yin Yoga and Meditation Teacher

"I had the pleasure of attending Paz and Tom's workshop. There were definitely a few lightbulb moments. I learnt a lot about myself that day, which has given me a deeper understanding of myself. I now understand how I have made past life decisions, and moving forward this gives me clarity as I make future life choices.

Making the vision board was lots of fun. It's interesting as you realise which images trigger a desire within you. I still have my board in my room.

I can highly recommend this workshop"

 - Vicki Wagner 


"INVISIONU, was another tool that I decided to join along my path of self discovery. for the past 7 years I have worked intensely on stripping away fears, learning to stop living in the past, dealing with addictions, depression and the list does continue.

With the blessing of Living in Bali I had access to a lot of spiritual healing and workshops that served different purposes for my journey. When I arrived to Melbourne and joined the Invisionu workshop (then know as alchemy vision board) I was inspired in designing and creating my Vision board, as My inner child finally had the chance be heard.

Finding the images or words that resonated deep within represented the hidden story of my life the one I should be attending to instead of the external distractions that Society has Sold us on. ….. Paz and Tom two wonderfully inspired people with a blessed Vision to facilitate others spiritual growth not only through their teachings and learnings but through their heart, souls and personal journey’s.

Thank you both so much and just to inform you my Vision Board is my room in Bali representing its power!!!!"

-Donna Bali (soulship)

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