Our philosophy

What we do in the here and now won’t change our past. However, it will determine where we end up. At Invisionu we believe it's never too late to start creating a new ending.

Overwhelmingly research shows that, when their time is up, people tend to regret the things they did NOT do a lot more, and a lot longer. We work with our clients to reduce ‘shouldawouldacoulda’s’ stories and increase ‘been there, done that and succeeded at it’ stories. We do this through taking our clients on a journey of self-exploration and self-actualisation.

Core to our approach is the belief that everyone has their own view of the world as everyone has their own unique (hi)story. We honour this belief by working with our clients to (re)connect them to their unique story and their unique life vision. Two factors play a key role in this process of (re)connecting:

  1. The intimate relationship between our body and mind. Both have their own story. Both need to be heard. Most importantly we believe that only when both stories are in sync true and lasting progress can be made.

  2. Remembering your future: In order to connect to your vision, it is essential to be able to make your vision tangible for yourself. What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Where are you? Who is there? How would you describe it? In other words, we believe it’s essential to create your unique future memories.

We have Four Core Values at Invisionu that not only guide how we work with our clients but also capture what we believe is essential for a meaningful journey of self-exploration and self-actualisation.


  • Courage – Realising lasting change requires a lot of heart and the willingness to be vulnerable

  • Integrity – Don't betray who you are

  • Empathy – We all have our own story, we all have our own truth

  • Be Intentional – Find and connect with YOUR authentic intentions to create your future memories 

At Invisionu we are passionate about helping our clients to (re)connect to their unique stories and visions. We work with people, young and old, as well as organisations offering a range of holistic services that creatively combine ancient eastern wisdom and philosophy with modern day evidence based research and knowledge. 

“Act as if everything that you do makes a difference, it does…”



Our story:

Passionate about inspiring people to be their best selves Paz and Tom came up with the concept for Invisionu whilst hiking in the Nepalese Himalayas. Inspired and challenged in equal measures by the majestic surroundings they became acutely aware of the strong connection between their body and mind. Even though one could fool the other for a little while and vice versa it very quickly (and often very painfully) became clear that one could not do without the other. The mind could stay stronger a lot longer when it listened to and acted on the signals from the body and the body in return definitely needed the inspiration and information from the mind to keep going. 


Debriefing on the inspirations and challenges of the day over dinner they started to imagine what the day of tomorrow would bring. They would imagine what the next mountain peak or valley would look like, how good they would feel when once they had made it to the next tea house and how good the food would taste once they got back home. Creating these future memories turned out to be a very powerful and inspirational process that had a real positive impact on their ability to keep taking it one step at a time on the way to the next peak.


Recovering after the hike in the hotel pool in downtown Kathmandu, Paz and Tom reflected on their own life vision and consciously decided there and then to create another future memory.  The future memory of their own business. A business that would allow them to do what they were most passionate about. A business that as a core mission would help people to (re) connect to their own unique story and vision. A business that would honour the intimate relationship between the body and mind and acknowledge the power of future memories by making this the two cornerstones of its approach.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

About our Founders:


Paz holds a Bachelor in Holistic Psychotherapy as well as a Diploma in Counselling and Transpersonal Counselling. She was born in Chile and moved to Australia with her family and has lived in Melbourne for the last 30 years.


She has directed psychological exhibitions and is a qualified dance teacher and movement therapist. Paz has a broad range of experience working as a therapist, counsellor and facilitator of workshops and events for diverse audiences for over 15 years.


In all her work Paz incorporates a well balanced approach that honours both Western and Eastern wisdoms and philosophies.



Born in Holland Tom holds a Masters degree in Organisational Psychology from the University Utrecht and is a qualified mBraining coach. He founded Invisonu together with his partner Paz in 2016 after returning from hiking in the Nepalese Himalayas.

Since arriving in Melbourne in 2007 Tom’s career has seen him work for some of the leading consulting firms in Australia before switching to the NFP sector in 2014. Currently Tom is still active in the NFP sector as a therapeutic youth worker and a mental health worker.

In working with his clients Tom likes to bring an open minded and curious attitude to the table. He also draws from his personal experience of radically changing careers and moving continents in pursuit of his own vision. Tom’s mantra is “Act as if everything that you do makes a difference, it does…”.